Up & Down Day Trip

This day trip is for those nature lovers who seek breathtaking views and far from ordinary experiences. If you plan to do this trip by bicycle though, make sure you are in a good shape, since the route consists of long and steep slopes.

The trip starts from Skripero village at the foothills of the Korakion Mountain and ends at the neighbouring village of Ano Korakiana. The only thing is that instead of driving five minutes to Ano Korakiana by following the main road, you add a mountain into your way!

Although the difficulty level of this drive is consider to be high, reality is that by the time you have reached the top of the mountain (Pilida), the remaining 2/3rds of the route are of medium difficulty.

The highlights of this trip is the panoramic view when you have reached Pilida and of course the thrilling drive from Sokraki village all the way down Ano Korakiana.

Don’t forget to carry with you enough water and a camera.

  • Duration

    3 Hours

  • Start


  • Distance


  • Difficulty


Route Stops

Troumpetas, Pilidia, Sokraki, Ano Korakiana

Troumpetas, Pilidia, Sokraki, Ano Korakiana
1. Korakion Oros
North Corfu

Korakion Oros (Crow’s Mountain) is called the mountain, part of the Pantokrator mountain range, that has Skripero and Ano Korakiana villages on its foothills and covers an area spanning from Troumpeta to Sokraki village. The plateau on the mountain is called Pilida.

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